Theramore as speed run / Challenge Mode practice

There's been a lot of complaints about the Fall of Theramore scenario, from the lack of lore, to the crappy rewards, to the scenario mechanics/structure itself. But one thing I've been greatly enjoying about it has been the chance to start practicing my Challenge Mode speed run instincts, aka how to blaze through as fast as possible.

It's just minor things, such as observing patrol movements, analyzing trash pack placements, and carefully examining the terrain from a broad perspective. I've been running them CONSTANTLY for those damnable plate circlets, and this little minigame has kept me entertained. How fast can we finish, if I'm in there with 2 strangers? How fast with just 1 pug? How fast with 3 DPS? Etc, etc.

Check the video at the top of this post for the route I prefer to take through. (Horde version, obviously.) It's not a perfect speed run in any sense - we had a stranger with us who wasn't very geared, we don't execute the first phase very efficiently, and I accidentally death grip an unnecessary trash pack at the end instead of the boss. :\ But phase 2 (1:30 in the video) until we reach the keep was basically perfect.

The video is sped up, but this run took 8:40. Our comp was a Frost DK, Frost Mage and...another DK. I honestly don't know what spec he was. (The reason you pull the gryphon boss off to the side is so you don't aggro the patrol that wanders on the road nearby.)

My favorite aspect of this route is without question the run up the wall and along the ramparts/rooftops. It's so absurd, and yet, hilarious. And WHY ELSE WOULD IT BE THERE?? It's not even entirely necessary, as you CAN bypass the trash on the ground if you're careful. But it's a lot more fun.

(Also, if you fall off the wall going up to the ramparts, you get stuck behind some shrubs. Like, actually stuck. I've seen it happen a few times now, and one time we had to create a warlock TV next to the shrub (the stuck player could still click it), and the other time we got ambushed by a patrol as we were looking at the stuck person, which allowed them to Shadowstep out, haha.)

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    With randoms, I skip straight ahead to the last two ships since I can do those both without aggroing anybody outside of a few sailors that die in a few hits (not soldiers, including the two that patrol between). Random players almost always fight the bosses on both. :|

    September 21, 2012 at 1:00 PM

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    My favorite thing about this video is the end cut where youtube auto generates related links, and half of them are theramore videos from strangers and half of them are Transformers clips. - Narci who hates your blogger login.

    September 21, 2012 at 1:02 PM

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    I was confused as to why there were enemies on the human boat.
    Then I realised you were Horde.

    Kind of fun to see the Horde side of this though, except that... you know... I did quests for that commander... and learned first aid in that keep... and saved those docks from being obliterated by a kraken...

    September 21, 2012 at 2:42 PM