Then and Now meme: Morgion

Part 2 of the Then and Now meme! This time for my current main, my Death Knight Morgion.

Appearance-wise? Exactly the same as when she was first created. Black, sticking-up/petrified hair, glowing DK eyes burning through the Forsaken face straps, scarred face. It was a combination of facial features that really struck me, and she absolutely would not be the same if anything was different.

Game-wise, Morgion has an interesting past. For over a year, she was simply a Professions mule, providing me with a high-level Alchemist, or Jewelcrafter, or Miner, or Skinner, etc. She's abandoned at least 4-5 maxed-out professions as the needs of my mains changed - she's dropped Alchemy, Herbalism, Jewelcrafting, Mining, Skinning, Herbalism again, and is now a Jewelcrafter (again) and Alchemist (again).

I leveled as Blood, and never really put too much effort into learning the complexities of the class, or even leveling her up very much. The majority of her game time during Wrath of the Lich King was spent hanging out in Zul'drak, slaughtering mammoths and skinning them to send to Rades (for Spiced Mammoth Treats) and my Leatherworker Druid, respectively.

How little did I play her? Well, here's a scary bit of trivia. At level 80 she was still using a Tidebreaker Trident, which you purchase from Borean Tundra Murlocs for 50 Winterfin Clams. A LEVEL 70 POLEARM, WITH AGILITY.

Anyway, when Patch 4.0 went live, Hunters lost Focus (and consquently, I lost interest in playing my Hunter), but Death Knights also underwent a radical change. Frost went from the tanking spec, to a DPS spec, and dual-wield at that! I had always wanted to try dual-wielding as Morgion, but I hated tanking, so the idea was always out of the question. But now? As DPS? And with my Hunter shelved? I figured I'd give it a shot. The playstyle immediately grabbed me, and I loved doing crazy ninja flips constantly in combat. I was sold.

Enough history - onto the screenshots!

First things first...chilling with Darion.

Next up, dinging 60 in Hellfire, like every other DK in history. Look at that huge Desecration circle with the grasping skeletal hands! I miss that. I also used two other Hellfire mainstays - Jade Warrior Pauldrons and Hellreaver - for quite a while.

I also spent a lot of time on Morgion just taking cool-looking screenshots, of how sinister she looks.

The first dropped profession: 375/375 Herbalism. I believe (judging from where Morgion is) it was replaced by Jewelcrafting.

Level 68, still slumming in Terokkar, for some reason.

Northrend-bound, a few more "cool" shots.

At level 71, I had begun experimenting with Power Auras. They're a MESS. I had auras just for the sake of having auras, apparently.

Oddly enough, even though I had leveled two characters to endgame at this point, Morgion was the first character to experience the Wrath Gate / Battle for Undercity. I had no idea this amazing storyline even existed, and on both characters that preceded her, I had skipped or not fully finished questing in Dragonblight.

The Battle for Undercity didn't go perfectly...

Level 80, working for the Argents. Still shamefully using the Agi trident.

Once 4.0 and Frost dual-wield DPS arrived, I finally decided to start playing Morgion some more, starting with...dual-speccing!

I grabbed some tankards off the AH, apparently threw on the Str Plate heirloom shoulders (which means the ones I had must have been pretty bad), and started diving into Heroics.

A few days later, she was starting to look a little more suitable.

She got Less-Rabi in a random pug group...a good omen if ever there was one. O_o

When Cata arrived, Morgion was the first one I took out to the new zones. Vashj'ir was crazy crowded and insanely inconvenient at times, but that gleeful rush is one of my favorite things about a new expansion.

After finishing Vashj'ir, I actually stopped questing and flew out manually to Twilight Highlands, at level 82. Why? Because I had seen what herbs were going for on the AH, and it was so early that there weren't many players questing out here yet. Which meant a tremendous opportunity for PROFIT.

I got two levels' worth of herbing and mining experience, then started doing the Highlands quests, eventually dinging 85 after completing the Crucible of Carnage. An appropriate endgame ding, I think.

After that, it's been mostly Cata raids. I'll end with a few UI shots, one from the start of each tier. UI and bars are basically the same, but there's a few minor differences.

Tier 11, Magmaw:

Tier 12, Shannox:

Tier 13, Zon'ozz:

And, one final shot of her hanging out in a Hallow's End-decorated Undercity, one of my favorite shots.

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    I like these posts.

    March 2, 2012 at 10:32 AM

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    That JC must have been in Outland (or maybe Northrend), because the JC trainer in Silvermoon is a female BE.

    March 2, 2012 at 2:21 PM

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    Oh, Red, I think that's the JC Supplies vendor in SM. I think the trainer is there, she's just behind my professions window. :)

    March 2, 2012 at 2:56 PM

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    I see why you enjoy taking screenshots of Morgion, the orange picture is stunning!
    I have to admit, I got this strange desire to make an undead lady myself now...

    March 2, 2012 at 5:08 PM

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    That first picture in this post, of Morgion looking over her shoulder while mounted, is a seriously awesome shot. I also really love the orange and yellow one -- where in the world did you take that?

    March 3, 2012 at 6:21 AM

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    Yeah, you're right. My first thought was that couldn't possibly be the Silvermoon JC trainer, because she's dressed like a nightclub singer....

    March 5, 2012 at 5:39 AM

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    I second Kamalia's comments - wonderful!

    March 7, 2012 at 6:18 AM