Non-Raid Transmog Weapons: Daggers

I find it somewhat ironic that only a few of the classes who can use Daggers actually use them for stabbing things. Anyway! There are quite a few interesting looking daggers, some One-Hand, some Main Hand.

And before you ask - Morgion is wearing a plain white dress because I didn't want the small Dagger blades lost against her normal dark leg armor. So it's for visibility's sake.

Non-Raid Daggers

Bangalash's Claw
Required Level: 24
Source: Quest

Purple circle dagger in picture. Very unusual, exotic design. Black-bladed version with orange circle variants: Guile of Khoraazi (One-Hand, requires Exalted with Consortium, base price 199g), Hypnotic Blade (Main Hand, Scarlet Monastery, 45% drop rate). Silver blade, yellow circle: Julie's Dagger (One-Hand, Bind on Equip).
Arachnid Dagger
Required Level: 62
Source: Bind on Equip

This quietly understated dagger has some nice detailing on it, and isn't outrageously huge. Purple blade, as is Phantom Dagger, another BoE green. The orange-bladed version pictured is Shattering Dagger, a Main Hand BoE.
Azure Lightblade
Required Level: 66
Source: Quest (Horde, Alliance)

Main Hand quest reward for killing Durn the Hungerer in Nagrand. Currently the only other way you can obtain this model is from a Molten Core drop.
Balnazzar's Horn
Required Level: 42
Source: Quest

Main Hand reward for killing Balnazzar in Stratholme. Surprisingly detailed and colorful model for a low-level item, and is a unique model, too.
Barman Shanker
Required Level: 51
Source: Blackrock Depths

A very fun dagger variant. Shares a model with the various Direbrew Shankers, but those are near-impossible to farm, and only available during Brewfest.
Black Knight's Rondel
Required Level: 80
Source: Heroic Trial of the Champion

Large and blunt-looking, but very distintive. 13% drop rate from the Black Knight. Shares a model with some raid drops, but that's it.
Blood Weeper
Required Level: 80
Source: Heroic Forge of Souls

31% drop rate from Devourer of Souls. Only non-raid Dagger that uses this model.
Ceremonial Warmaul Blood-Blade
Required Level: 65
Source: Quest

Nice and vicious-looking, and the little red sash on the end is a nice touch. Shares a model with a Molten Core drop, but is otherwise unique.
Chilled Heart of the Glacier
Required Level: 80
Source: Halls of Reflection

This unique Main Hand Dagger has a 21% drop rate from the final boss of Normal Halls of Reflection. Would be perfect for a Frost Mage.
Edge of Oppression
Required Level: 70
Source: Heroic Magister's Terrace

Some nice purple colors and detailing on this Dagger, which has a 25% drop rate. Shares a model/look with Blade of Trapped Knowledge and Ced's Carver, both blue-quality BoEs. Red detailing: Anzac Dagger (One-Hand, Bind on Equip). Yellow detailing: Quest Rewards, Rogue-only (Horde, Alliance)
Elementium Shank
Required Level: 85
Source: Blacksmithing

Nice purple highlights in this Dagger, which can be made with Cataclysm databases. Shares a model with the orange-detailed Brainsplinter, which can also be made via Blacksmithing.
Flameheart Spell Scalpel
Required Level: 80
Source: Vendor

This sword-sized Main Hand Dagger requires Revered with Kirin Tor, base price 74g. Shares a model with some swords and Keleseth's Blade of Evocation (MH, Utgarde Keep, 31% drop rate), and Netherbreath Spellblade (MH, Horde Quest)
Traditional Flensing Knife
Required Level: 78
Source: Vendors (Various)

This very cool sickle is completely unique, and almost never seen. It requires Revered with the Kalu'ak and has a base price of 72g. Big fan of this one!
The Fleshshaper
Required Level: 80
Source: Heroic Halls of Stone

A Dagger that is a tooth! Kind of unusual. 20% drop rate, white tooth in the picture. The black tooth is Skoll's Fang, a guaranteed Bind on Equip drop from the rare spawn Skoll in Storm Peaks.
Required Level: 80
Source: Forge of Souls

White/green blade in the picture, 23% drop rate. Quite ornate and detailed. Purple recolor is Krick's Beetle Stabber from Pit of Saron, which has a 31% drop rate.
Hungering Spineripper
Required Level: 70
Source: Arcatraz (Normal and Heroic)

This savage model is completely unique, and has a 19% drop rate on both Normal and Heroic.
Illidari-Bane Mageblade
Required Level: 67
Source: Quest

Purple crystal and massive (for a Dagger), this Main Hand weapon also has an ice-blue One-Hand variant, Illidari-Bane Dagger. Sadly, these Daggers are quest rewards from the same quest, so you can only ever get one or the other. (The purple model is also available as a sword.)
Modgud's Blade
Required Level: 83
Source: Grim Batol

29% drop rate. This unusual forked Dagger shares a model only with...itself. Or rather, the Heroic version of itself, which drops on - obviously - Heroic mode, at a 20% drop rate. The Heroic version is blue instead of yellow.
Blade of Nadox
Required Level: 73
Source: Old Kingdom

This creepy-looking Dagger has a 33% drop rate and shares a model only with a raid drop out of Ahn'Qiraj.
Namlak's Supernumerary Sticker
Required Level: 80
Source: Bind on Equip

(Yellow blade) This can be found on the AH every now and then, and usually for reasonable prices. It shares a model with a black-bladed recolor, Unsharpened Ice Razor, which is random Bind-on-Pickup trash drop out of the ICC 5-man Heroics.
Neurosurgeon's Tool
Required Level: 32
Source: Quest (Horde)

There are quite a few Axes that use this cleaver model, but this is the only Dagger that uses it. It is a Horde quest reward.
Torturing Poker
Required Level: 29
Source: Scarlet Monastery

A red-hot poker! Very cool and full of flavor. 46% drop rate, first boss in SM: Graveyard, so very easily farmed. Has a twin, Flarethorn, which drops from Blackrock Depths at a 24% drop rate. (Just farm it from Scarlet Monastery, seriously.)
Potentate's Letter Opener
Required Level: 80
Source: Bind on Equip

This giant blade is very noteworthy in that it shares its design with some One-Hand Swords, but no other Daggers. Main Hand.
Quicksilver Blade
Required Level: 81
Source: Stonecore

This strange, green-spiked blade has a 20% drop rate and shares its model with the Heroic version of itself (Yellow spikes, 19% drop rate), Laquered Lung-Leak Longknife (Blue spikes, Quest reward), and Throat Slasher, an Off Hand version (Green spikes, 950 JP).
Dagger of Restless Nights
Required Level: 85
Source: Vendors (Horde, Alliance)

This mean-looking military blade (Red spikes in picture) is purchasable from your faction's respective Tol Barad quartermasters, requiring Revered reputation and costing 85 Tol Barad Commendations. Shares a model with Scaleslicer (Green spikes, Bind on Equip), though it will be hard to find.
Runed Dagger of Solace
Required Level: 70
Source: The Botanica (Normal and Heroic)

Rough-edged and looks like it was made from flint or obsidian. Main Hand, 21% drop rate on Normal, 22% on Heroic. A version with blue/purple runes, Runesong Dagger, can be obtained from Shattered Halls (Normal and Heroic, 19% drop rate / 18% drop rate). It is also Main Hand.
Searing Sunblade
Required Level: 70
Source: Vendor

Off Hand. Shares a model only with a raid drop from Karazhan and some PVP weapons. Costs 260 JP.
Blade of Serration
Required Level: 70
Source: Vendors (Various)

One-Hand, red gem/yellow metal in picture. Costs 546 JP. Recolor available, Scryer's Blade of Focus (Main Hand, blue gem, silver metal). It is purchasable in Shattrath for 780 JP.
Spectral Kris
Required Level: 80
Source: Heroic Trial of the Champion

Main Hand, 14% drop rate. Purple Dagger in picture. Two Alliance variants exist: Dagger of Lunar Purity (Main Hand, same purple model, costs 25 Champion's Seals), and Dagger of the Rising Moon (One-Hand, red/black in picture, costs 25 Champion's Seals).
Spinal Destroyer
Required Level: 80
Source: Vendors (Various)

An awesome-looking, Horde-only, unique model Dagger. PERFECT for a Forsaken. Costs 25 Champion's Seals at the Argent Tournament.
The Stalker's Fangs
Required Level: 63
Source: Underbog

This alien-looking Dagger is very unusual and distinct. One-Hand, 19% drop rate. Shares a model with a drop from Ahn'Qiraj, and with Vileblade of the Betrayer (One-Hand, Heroic Arcatraz, 16% drop rate).
Hardened Stone Shard
Required Level: 62
Source: Vendor

This strange One-Hand stone blade requires Revered with Sporeggar and costs 45 Glowcaps. Shares a model with Destructo-Blade, a Main Hand green Bind on Equip.
Surgeon's Needle
Required Level: 80
Source: Heroic Pit of Saron

Main Hand, 30% drop rate. Very detailed design, and a unique model!
Terror Flame Dagger
Required Level: 70
Source: Heroic Hellfire Ramparts

One-Hand, 17% drop rate. Kinda garish colors, but maybe that's what you're after. Only other Dagger with this model is a raid drop from Blackwing Lair.
Required Level: 70
Source: Heroic Escape from Durnholde

Awesome cosmic look. One-Hand, 16% drop rate. Shares a model with Jaded Crystal Dagger (Main Hand, Heroic Magister's Terrace, 25% drop rate).
Titansteel Shanker
Required Level: 80
Source: Blacksmithing

(Brown blade in picture) One-Hand, mats aren't super expensive. Green variant exists: Titansteel Spellblade (Main Hand, Blacksmithing) and Scalpel of the Royal Apothecary (Main Hand, Horde-only, costs 25 Champion's Seals at the Argent Tournament).
Twinblade of Mastery
Required Level: 70
Source: Heroic Mana-Tombs

One-Hand, really weird looking, and unique! Has a 16% drop rate.
Twinblade of the Hakkari
Required Level: 85
Source: Zul'Gurub

Enormous Dagger that is as large as some swords. 17% drop rate. Shares a model with an Off-Hand variant, confusingly named the same thing, Twinblade of the Hakkari, which rops off the same boss at a 17% drop rate.
Voodoo Hexblade
Required Level: 85
Source: Zul'Aman

Main Hand, unique model, 24% drop rate from the chest you get by saving three prisoners.
Warp Splinter's Thorn
Required Level: 70
Source: The Botanica (Normal and Heroic)

One-Hand, 14% drop rate on both Normal and Heroic. Unique model. Looks like a chunk of bark or plant, with runes on it. Pretty cool.
Whispering Blade of Slaying
Required Level: 70
Source: Shadow Labyrinth (Normal and Heroic)

This bizarre One-Hand Dagger drops from Murmur at a 14% drop rate. It shares its model only with a drop out of Karazhan.
Windwalker Blade
Required Level: 83
Source: Grim Batol

This jagged, golden One-Hand Dagger has an 18% drop rate. It shares its model with a Heroic version of itself (18% drop rate), and Lhakaz's Swiftblade (One-Hand, Bind-on-Equip).

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    Fantastic list! Some of these I've saved over the years (even long ago, pre-transmog, cos BC gear was so interesting!), but others are true surprises, even after reading other transmog lists. Good job!

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    So many sharp things to stab dragons with! =D

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    The twinblades are different because of how they're sheathed on your body. Crossed over behind your back.

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    The Twinblades appear as swords because the original Twinblades of lvl 60 ZG were in fact swords. The dagger version is the same moddel, only badged as daggers.

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    Barman Shanker can not actually be used for Transmog as I just discovered :( Is mean blizz

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    Alot of effort went into this.

    Good work.

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