Firelands 10M Frost DK guide: Alysrazor

At first glance, Alysrazor has all the makings of a fantastic boss fight. Fly around chasing a giant fire hawk while dodging cinder clouds and diving through flaming rings? YES PLEASE! However, don't get too excited - it will likely be the ranged DPS soaring around through the skies like Falco Lombardi, while we remain grounded, shackled by our lone "advantageous" melee trait: interrupts.

Really, I'm not bitter about this. Not at all.

Anyway, for us melee grunts this fight is a repeating series of three phases. In the first phase we kill some Flame Druids (Blazing Talon Initiates) and interrupt them, in the second phase we weave in and out of rotating flame tornadoes, and in the third phase we DPS the dazed and crashed Alysrazor. Then the process starts all over again.

(If for some reason you end up as one of the flying DPS, replace "killing/interrupting Flame Druids" with "DPSing and chasing Alysrazor as she flies around, while dodging incendiary clouds and flying through fire rings." The other steps are the same.)

Your special class/spec responsibilities:
• Interrupt Blazing Talon Initiate Fieroblasts as much as possible
• Minimize damage from un-interruptable Fieroblasts with AMS
• Keep Frost Fever up on Voracious Hatchlings for Brittle Bones
• Minimize damage from Fiery Tornadoes (AMS if necessary)

Phase 1: Blazing Talon Initiates

This is a Blazing Talon Initiate. Look at him. What a jerk.

In the first phase, Blazing Talon Initiates arrive on the scene and start casting Brushfire and Fieroblast. Our job is to kill these ugly punks (they're Night Elves :D) as fast as possible, while interrupting their Fieroblast casts (Brushfires cannot be interrupted).

The Initiates will spawn at specific locations on each side of the battlefield, so your raid will need to split your ground DPS and interrupters and assign them to sides. STAY ON YOUR SIDE. We don't ever want to go far into the middle, because a) we won't be in position to handle the next Initiates that appear, and b) Alysrazor sweeps down the middle doing a "deep breath" of claw attacks that will one-shot us. When she is doing this, feel free to Howling Blast / Outbreak her, or even melee her from behind for a few seconds, but don't get distracted from our real job - murdering those Flame Druids!

Brushfires cannot be interrupted, and are simply balls of fire that slowly travel along the ground, burning anyone they touch. They cannot be interrupted, but they ARE targeted at people, so position yourself around the Initiates with your back facing the outer rock wall. That way if the Initiate targets you for Brushfire, you can simply sidestep out of the way (the Initiates will not turn or re-adjust their aim), and the Brushfire will harmlessly exit the area, rather than going through the center and possibly hitting teammates. Obviously, keep an eye out for incoming Brushfires and dodge them.

If you're familiar with Arcanotron's Arcane Annihilator ability, you already know how this works. Fieroblasts do heavy damage and apply a damage-over-time burn, AND the Initiate gets buffed every time he or she successfully casts one. They usually alternate between Fieroblast and Brushfire casts, but sadly this is still faster than our Mind Freeze cooldown, so we will only be able to Mind Freeze every other Fieroblast. (Sometimes they're real dicks and will randomly cast two Fieroblasts in a row. I think they find our anguish amusing.)

The annoying part about these Fieroblasts is that you can't just trade interrupts with another melee to get them all, unless your group is extremely melee-heavy. An Initiate shows up on each side of the area at the same time, so each side will need a reliable interrupter. You'll also have at least one DPS flying around overhead DPSing Alysrazor. And the Tanks will be busy dealing with some giant fire chicken hatchlings.

In other words, interrupts - especially short-cooldown ones like Mind Freeze - will be in short supply.

Now, we do have Strangulate for an emergency interrupt, and Blood Elves/Tauren can use their racials...but other than that, every other Fieroblast is basically out of our hands. (Death Grip doesn't work.) Ideally, a healer such as a Resto Shaman or Holy Paladin will be able to chip in and get the Fieroblasts you can't interrupt, but they're pretty busy with their own duties.

Sometimes we just have to take one for the team.

We don't use Anti-Magic Shell in the first phase, so if you see the Initiate targeting you for Fieroblast you may just want to AMS and eat the vastly-reduced damage, to ensure that you will be able to interrupt the next one. This is remarkably effective, often reducing 35-40k hits to a measly 5-10k tickle. However, if you have to do this, call it out so a healer knows - the fire DoT will still need to be dispelled afterward.

If the Initiate isn't being killed very quickly, though, then we're just screwed. Even if we alternate Mind Freeze - AMS - Mind Freeze for the first three Fieroblasts, we're out of tricks for the fourth. If this happens to you, just pray that your healer has your back.

As for the rest of the phase? Well, there are Lava Worms (they look like Mini-Magmaws) spraying fire around. We can't hurt them, so just avoid them and don't get caught in the fire. There are also two big Voracious Hatchlings that the tanks will be pulverizing. We can help DPS the Hatchlings if we're not busy, but our top priority is locking down and stopping those Initiates, who show up pretty regularly for the entire first phase. So feel free to smack the Hatchlings if you're not doing anything, but keep an eye out for the Initiates arriving (they fly down in fiery Flight Form) and nail them as soon as they land.

You SHOULD, however, try to keep Frost Fever up on both Hatchlings. The Tanks are essentially the only ones who will be hurting the Hatchlings to any real degree (due to a fight mechanic), and Frost Fever applies Brittle Bones, which increases the target's physical damage taken by 4%. This is a huge benefit for a half-second's effort, so try to Howling Blast or Outbreak the Hatchlings while running around killing the Initiates.

Alternate Phase 1: FLYING DEATH KNIGHT

If for some bizarre reason you end up as the flying DPS, rejoice! What you want to do in Phase 1 is grab the Molten Feathers on the ground. When you get three, you'll rocket into the air, allowing you to chase the flying Alysrazor around in the air and DPS her like mad. There's really only two things to be aware of up there - you want to AVOID Incendiary Clouds, which look like swirling clouds of grey/black smoke, but HIT the rings of fire that Alysrazor will spawn, as they refresh your flight buff. The clouds and fire rings spawn randomly horizontally AND vertically, so you'll find yourself darting all over the place. If you miss too many rings the buff will run out, causing you to fall and splat on the ground far below.

You will want to descend to the ground like everyone else when Phase 2 starts.

Phase 2: Fiery Tornadoes

This phase seems absolutely terrifying, until you realize it's really just a simple movement exercise. Four rings of fire tornadoes will spawn, two traveling clockwise, two traveling counterclockwise. There are large gaps between the actual tornadoes which we have to duck and weave into.

The first thing to do is NOT PANIC. The tornadoes may spawn right on top of you, in which case you will take some damage. If this happens, AMS and sidestep out of it. Then look for the rotation pattern and get into position.

The tornadoes move very fast, so you can't simply duck in behind one and follow it around safely. Eventually the next one will catch up and overrun you. Instead, what you want to do is follow a tornado until you pass one going the other direction. Then turn into that "lane" and follow that tornado, until you pass another adjacent one, at which point you hop lanes and change directions again. Keep switching directions and following tornadoes that just passed you, and you can easily make it out of this phase without a single point of damage taken.

If this is confusing, imagine the tornadoes are trucks, and you're being towed behind on a skateboard, holding onto a truck's tailgate. When a different truck passes you going the other direction, you swing over, latch onto that truck's tailgate and reverse directions. And repeat until the phase ends.

(It's kind of a strange analogy, but it's honestly how I think of this phase.)

There's some fire rings in this phase on the ground that give you a nice DPS buff. Run through them if it's convenient, but don't let them distract you from dodging the tornadoes!

Phase 3: Burnout

Alysrazor will crash to the ground, dazed and vulnerable. This is merely a burn phase. Blow your cooldowns, chug your Golemblood Potion, etc. There will be two Flame Druids that show up, but ignore them - the Tanks will deal with them. Halfway through this phase Alysrazor will wake up and need to be tanked, and she has a cleave, so be sure to stay behind her. When she reaches 100 energy she'll deal heavy fire damage to everyone (AMS this, as it does ~50k damage) and knock you back. At this point Phase 1 will start again, so get ready to kill those Initiates!

If you feel the need, you can position yourself so the knockback throws you towards where you'll need to be for the first Initiate.

Army of the Dead

Do not Army on the pull, since there is nothing to hit. Save it for Burnout.

Reach out and (Icy) Touch someone

As strange as it sounds, Alysrazor actually flies quite low in the sky and can be hit with Howling Blasts, Death Coils, Outbreak etc. while flying overhead. If you have a free moment between Initiates, it's worth panning up and locating her to get your diseases rolling on her or hit her with with a few Howling Blasts.

If you have problems actually locating her in the sky and are getting facing errors, you might consider this little trick macro:

/target Alysrazor
/use Shadow Crystal Focusing Lens

(Focusing Lenses are extremely cheap items that any Wrath-level Jewelcrafter can make.)

This macro will target Alys, and swivel your character to face her (because you'll shoot a focusing beam at her.) Then Howling Blast away! Now, this macro WILL use a GCD, but if you're having problems finding her in the sky (SO MUCH RED AND YELLOW) and fumbling your ranged attacks anyway, it might be a worthwhile tradeoff.

Defensive Cooldowns

There are many fantastic Anti-Magic Shell opportunities in this fight, and you should use it (and other defensive cooldowns) in any of the following situations:
• When the fight starts and when Burnout ends, as the whole raid takes huge damage
• To absorb a harmful Fieroblast
• If you have to run through a Lava Worm's fire spew (try to avoid this)
• If you're about to be hit by a Fiery Tornado

To rank on this fight as a Frost DK...well, you'll need to be one of the air DPS. If you're not, forget about it. (Seriously.) If you are one of the fliers, though, you'll need to produce at least 35,000+ DPS.

Alysrazor has some great goodies for us, including the sexy Alysrazor's Band, Greathelm of the Voracious Maw and Lavaworm Legplates.