Two special people from Southshore

(This post contains spoilers about the Horde Silverpine quests.)


Even before the 4.0.1 changes to Hillsbrad, I've always been surprised at how crucially important this little village has been throughout WoW history. Lore-wise, we've seen all sorts of famous people hanging out there, including Tirion, Alexandros Mograine, Sally Whitemane, Herod, Kel'Thuzad, Pat Nagle and Nathanos Marris. Southshore and Tarren Mill are also infamous for the enormous PVP wars that would break out between factions, back in Vanilla WoW. And Horde players also have a few quests that send us INTO Southshore, including the seasonal Hallow's End achievement Rotten Hallow, where we hurl stinkbombs into the town and ruin some kegs of ale inside the inn. Apparently there's just something important about that place!

I've spent a lot of time there, and have been flagged/jumped by guards/ganked by nearby Alliance players more times than I can count. As a result, I've built up a lot of spite towards that dinky little town. I hate that place. I hate those NPCs. My favorite quest in Hillsbrad was always the one where you resurrected Helcular in the Southshore graveyard and let him run amok, slaughtering hapless town guards in a delightful murder spree.

That being said, two Southshore NPCs have always stood out in my memory during my expeditions: Bartolo Ginsetti and Loremaster Dibbs.

First of all, look at Bartolo's outfit! Man stands on the street wearing a suit like that, you know he's not afraid of anything. And Dibbs is actually a Loremaster, and proves it by asking Alliance characters to go rescue books from ogres! I remember discussing him with Vidyala, who LOVES Dibbs because of his Loremaster status (and because he's wearing cool robes).

Well, fast forward some months. The Shattering hits us all, and Southshore is destroyed! /fistpump! I decided to make a Forsaken mage and go through the updated Silverpine quests, which I had heard were amazing. (And they are, by the way. HIGHLY recommend them.)

I'm blowing around killing Worgen and carrying out military missions for Sylvanas - one of the reasons I love the Forsaken, incidentally - when she sends me to Fenris Isle to spy on a secret Worgen meeting. I peek in and surprise surprise! Who do I see but some familiar faces!

Hey guys! Good to see you! P.S. your home is DESTROYED HAHAHA

Recognition coolness aside, it's actually a really exciting and interesting questline. I'll just say that the spying mission meets complications and I was forced to flee.

Much later, after I've entered Gilneas, sabotaged them in their own lands, and accomplished all sorts of deliciously devious things for Sylvanas, the final assault begins and she asks me to accompany her to the Greymane Wall, where she plans to confront the Worgen leaders and give them an ultimatum. It was pretty cool - we just calmly walk through this SEA of combat, with countless Worgen battling Forsaken & Orc soldiers all around. It truly felt like we were in a war.

I was strolling along behind Sylvanas taking in the atmosphere and guess who shows up randomly fighting against the Horde? You guessed it!

This was really cool. Not only had Blizzard "rescued" these guys from off-camera deaths in Southshore and given them a minor, but important, role in the new Forsaken/Worgen storyline, here they were again taking part in this exciting climax scene!

I spoke previously about the various merits of using "celebrity" NPCs, and whenever I see characters I know & recognize actually involved in a main storyline, it makes me feel all warm & fuzzy inside...almost like I'm being rewarded or given a treat for my loyalty. It's probably my favorite thing about the new state of WoW.

I lingered for a few minutes and just hung out with these guys, enjoying their little moment in the spotlight.

Then I killed them. ;D

Power and Glory to the Forsaken!!

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    Tonight, Rades? You. >=(

    January 7, 2011 at 9:09 AM

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    "The Shattering hits us all, and Southshore is destroyed! /fistpump!"

    Hellz yeah!

    Another excellent post. I'm definitely going to do this area when I get a chance, and now it's going to be just that much more enjoyable.

    January 7, 2011 at 5:15 PM