A Timely Message [NaNoWriMo]

Where am I? What era is this? Are those the Storm Peaks? They still exist here! I think...I must be in the past! I don't believe it, Chronormu's device worked! Time shifting is still possible!

Quickly, there is no time to waste. I must find someone to direct me to the one named Thrall, for my warning is of the utmost importance! Perhaps with enough preparation, the horrible catastrophe that befell our time can be avoided!

Ah, here comes someone! Now, to just get their attention...

This scroll is covered with golden blood, as if its owner had been quickly, violently killed.

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Pertinent Lore:

Time-Lost Proto Drake and the mount, Reins of the Time-Lost Proto-Drake

Poor, poor TLPD. Always farmed relentlessly and murdered within minutes - sometimes SECONDS - of spawning. It's understandable. The mount he drops is really cool looking, plus it's a Proto-Drake!

I thought it'd be a nice opportunity for a funny little story about the TLPD. It's Time-Lost, after all, and it's the same color as Chromie and the other Bronze Dragonflight dragons. Just what is it doing? From its name, I wonder if it's been traveling back through time looking for someone or something? What if it had an important message from the future?!

Sadly, it would never, ever survive long enough to pass on its crucial warning. Alas, we have doomed ourselves!