Missed Connection [NaNoWriMo]

To the cute Mirror Image in ICC last nite:

U were wearing Sanctified Bloodmage's Regalia and holding an expensive looking staff. I was the slim blood elf girl made entirely out of shadow who walked past u a few times. I know u were with some other ppl, but there was just something about u that caught my eye!! :) :)

U seemed pretty busy, repeatedly conjuring freezing blasts of ice and hurling them @ Dbr. Saurfang, so I didn't want 2 interrupt!! I wanted to come say hi but OMG I totally couldn't bring myself 2 do it lol!! Srsly tho I really couldn't, I could only walk toward Saurfang really really slowly and then explode in a burst of shadow dmg! FML!! :'(

I looked for u after the fight but I couldn't find u!! :O I'd like 2 get to know u better, u interested?? :D :D

<3 Shadowy Apparition <3

hey shadow i did see you last night and thought you seemed like a nice chick if a little dark but i hear black is really in this year. ;) i kinda wanted to blink over and say hi but you were already walkin away so i figured you had somewhere you needed to be and i didnt want to bug you. also i cant actually do that i can only cast FROST BOLTS!!!!! but im really good at it lol.

i saw you show up again a few secs later and i was like o cool shes back!! and i was all excited to meet you and maybe we could hang out. however before i could get your attention my 30-second duration expired and i disappeared. XD

but ya we should totally hang out sometime, what are you into? i am pretty shy. i am pretty quiet and like to blend into a crowd and not get ppls attention. i live with my dad and my 2 brothers (3 if dad is glyphed for it).

lemme know and i will ask my dad if i can borrow the portal reagents.


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Pertinent Lore: None, but here's the links for Shadowy Apparitions and Mirror Image.

I don't remember how it came up, but I was talking with some other WoW bloggers about the Shadowy Apparitions, and joked how it would be funny if there was a star-crossed lovers story between them and a mage's Mirror Images. Both temporary, magical creations, not in control of their own actions...isn't it tragically romantic?

It started off sort of dry before I had the brainstorm to make them TEENAGERS. Suddenly, they came to life, much in the flavor of Tamarind's Snottydin. I had a great time trying to imagine what they would say, and what youthful enthusiasm (and bad spelling/grammar) they would exhibit.

Of course, I couldn't just have funny teenage-styled dialogue. It had to be chock full of actual WoW references, such as how the Shadowy Apparitions move unerringly towards their targets, or how Mirror Images can only cast Frost Bolts.

The "3 brothers if glyphed for it" refers to the old version of Glyph of Mirror Image, which would let the mage summon 4 images instead of 3.

I should admit that I also cracked myself up about the 30 seconds duration, and the "I'll ask my dad for the portal reagents" like he was a teen asking to borrow the family car. ;D

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    I... um... LOL. XD

    November 6, 2010 at 9:04 AM

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    I somehow find this ridiculously adorable. EEEEEE!

    HEAKYAHA! (as my captcha says)

    November 6, 2010 at 5:31 PM