Kekek's Diary [NaNoWriMo]

Hello Book! Nice to meet you. Name is Kekek. Kekek is strong Frenzyheart Wolvar! But Kekek still young and not live with other Frenzyheart. Kekek live in human city called Dal-Ran, stuck in orphanage. Kekek not like orphanage. Very boring. Even a silly big-tongue here, Roo. Kekek tell him that Roo a stupid name. Roo cry a lot. Kekek get scolded by orphan lady and have to sit in corner a lot, too.

Orphan lady tell Kekek to stay out of trouble but Kekek so BORED! Kekek want to hunt or run! But cannot do either in orphanage. Today lady give Kekek book, tell Kekek to write down what thinking instead of breaking things or hitting Roo. Kekek think this silly idea but Kekek not afraid to try.

First thing Kekek want to write down is that Roo has bad smell. Haha, Roo cry again. Dumb Roo. But Kekek also want to write down so he always remember when nice adventurer took Kekek around world to many new places! Kekek never had so much fun in life. Wish adventurer would come back and take Kekek traveling again. Maybe if Kekek ask orphan lady real nice she let Kekek go visit places Kekek went before.

Bye bye for now Book. Kekek going to go ask lady.

* * * * *

Orphan lady say no. Kekek kick over flower pot. Got very long Quiet Time.

* * * * *

Still say no. Kekek say curse word heard through window. Orphan lady very mad.

* * * * *

Kekek think lady starting to give up! She still say no but now she put face in hand and rub head whenever Kekek ask. Kekek sense victory! Kekek so excited, only push Roo down stairs once today.

* * * * *

Hello Book! Very exciting day! Orphan lady finally say yes! Say Kekek can visit cousins in Snowfall Glade. Kekek not know where that is but lady say she will get a wizard to magic Kekek there! Kekek thrilled!

Orphan lady give Kekek little grey rock on chain, put around Kekek's neck. She say that it a heart stone, will let Kekek come back to Dal-Ran when ready. Kekek not sure ever WILL come back to Dal-Ran! But Kekek doesn't tell lady this. She not so bad.

Must go now Book, Wizard here! He look old and like rotten stick. Kekek bet he could snap his leg like old breadstick. Kekek bring you with him, Book! Write down exciting adventures with Snowfall Wolvar!

* * * * *

Hello Book! Now with Snowfall Tribe. Very tough Wolvar! Very mean, very cool. Kekek would like to be Snowfall Wolvar if he were not already Mighty Frenzyheart!

Was scary at first. Dal-Ran wizard said weird words, waved hands around like swatting fly, then suddenly Kekek was at Snowfall village! Snowfall Wolvar sniff Kekek, growl at him, make his knees shake a little (Shh do not tell Kekek's friends!!). But after few minutes Snowfall Wolvar invite Kekek in for supper! Kekek meet Snowfall Chief, very tall and strong Wolvar named Loguhn. He very nice. Meal, also very nice. Juicy Elk. Kekek eat till belly bulge. Maybe too much elk, now that Kekek think about it. Kekek not feel so good now. Go lie down. Good night Book!!

* * * * *

Kekek spend few days with Snowfall Tribe now, very impressed with what seen. Snowfalls protect each other from mean animals, feed little Wolvar babies, snuggle at night around fire pit. Kekek slightly envious. Snowfall Mama Wolvars love babies so much. Babies follow Mama Wolvars around and tug at fur, hug feet, scratch little baby claws on Mama's bum. Kekek wishes he had Mama Wolvar of his own. :(

* * * * *

Today Kekek sneak with Snowfall Shaman to spy on neighbors, big fat walrus-men! They fat. VERY FAT. Bigger sideways than two, maybe three Kekeks. But also have very big teeth. Shaman says walrus-men not use big teeth to bite things. How silly! Why have big teeth if not to bite things? Kekek think they kind of dumb. Kekek think they also probably taste pretty good since walrus taste good, Kekek has eaten it once before. Now Kekek drooling. BRB Book! Getting leftover elk.

OK Kekek is back. Elk cold but still very tasty. Where was Kekek? Oh yes, walrus-men. Shaman tells Kekek that walrus-men not like Wolvar, that walrus-men and Wolvar fight many times over food or territory. Shaman says walrus-men go out on big water and catch food! Kekek laugh. Good joke. No one dumb enough to go out on water. Cannot stand on water. Fall right to bottom. Silly walrus-men.

Some Wolvar want to go kill walrus-men. But Snowfall Chief says no. Too many Wolvar get hurt. And walrus-men stupid and happy to splash around by water, not try to take Wolvar land, so they get to live. Other Wolvar grumble, snap teeth, but Loguhn point out that Snowfall tribe has many Snowfall pups right now. Need protecting. If all Wolvar go fight and many die, who watch after babies? Now other Wolvar nod and agree. Chief Loguhn very wise! Kekek take notes for when he is Frenzyheart Chief. Write on back page for fast read in future.

* * * * *

Chief Loguhn very angry today. Kekek stay out of way. Can tell is mad, face all red! Much shouting! Loguhn put big metal claws on hands and smash tree to flinders (Kekek learn fancy word from book person in Dal-Ran. Means tiny little bits. Kekek proud of big vocabulary!), roar at other Wolvar, kick over tables. He very scary when mad. Kekek make mental note not to anger Loguhn.

When Loguhn stop yelling and throwing tantrum he say that walrus-men sneak up when Wolvar not looking and steal rabbit traps! Take Wolvar food!! Kekek shocked. Snowfall Tribe steal those traps from fat walrus-men fair and square! They never make fuss before. Just go HURR DURR and make more. Walrus-men are so fat already! They not need food like poor Snowfall Wolvar. They need diet.

This very bad for Snowfall Tribe. Hunting not so good lately, many Wolvar going hungry. Pups cry at night, not enough food to feed little bellies. Kekek worried. Kekek offer to join hunting party but Shaman say no, young Wolvar like Kekek need to stay home and guard babies. If all Wolvar warriors go hunting and big bird swoop down on Wolvar home, what happen then? Wolvar babies become bird food. Kekek never let this happen!! Kekek make sure knife very sharp. Wolvar babies safe when Kekek around!

Oh! Almost forget, Book. Kekek very impressed with Loguhn's metal claws! Claws glow purple, cut through big tree like big stick through snow. Kekek remember many things in Dal-Ran also glow purple. Wizard who flew Kekek to Snowfall Tribe also wore purple! Think must mean very strong magic. Kekek happy that Snowfall Tribe has such powerful leader! Maybe Frenzyheart and Snowfall team up when Kekek grow up. Wolvar team be unstoppable! Kick walrus-men and big-tongues out of land. Send them to island. Or maybe into big hole in ground where never see again.

* * * * *

Book, Kekek very sad today. Loguhn dead!!!!! :( :( He killed by mean elves who run into Snowfall village, start breaking and burning things! Made much noise, burned down Wolvar fences, huts. Elves cowards! They come when many Wolvar out hunting.

Only Chief Loguhn brave enough to fight elves. Kekek talking to Loguhn about proper way to lead tribe when pointy-ears arrive, start yelling and shouting. Kekek gulp but grab knife, ready to fight elves. But Loguhn grab Kekek's knife with huge paw, shake head no, tell Kekek to hide under bed. Loguhn look out door, Kekek see him droop like flower left out in sun too long. Loguhn tell Kekek that Kekek need to hide, that Snowfall Wolvar need brave warriors after Loguhn gone. Kekek confused but Loguhn growl, so Kekek hide under bed. Not like it though.

Loguhn grab big claws (Kekek name them Grr and Rarr!) and run out of hut, roaring at pointy-ears. Kekek sneak head out from under bed to watch. Loguhn very, very mad, jumps onto nearest elf and bites him, claws him, kicks him. Elf cry and flail on ground like baby Wolvar. But elf not alone. Other elves come and shoot Loguhn with arrows, throw magic at Loguhn, stab Loguhn in back with big swords. Loguhn try to kill elves but too many for even Loguhn. Loguhn fall to ground and stupid elves keep poking with shiny swords for many minutes.

Kekek see red!! Mean elves! But Loguhn tell Kekek to hide, so Kekek obey. Cruel elves kick Grr and Rarr into snowbank. They laugh at brave Loguhn. Kekek horrified what elves do next. Elves use blood of poor Loguhn as paint! Draw silly shapes on stupid robes and faces! :O Elves then just walk away.

Kekek madder than ever been before. Kekek run out of hut and follow evil elves. Elves walk back to walrus-men village! Biggest, fattest walrus-man Kekek ever saw come out of hut. Wearing many bones. Must be strong warrior (for walrus-man).

Fat chief walrus-man look at elves, sniff blood (LOGUHN BLOOD), smile at elves. Give elves some coins. Elves working for walrus-men!! Walrus-men too scared to come fight Wolvar, hire killers to do dirty work for them! Murder brave Snowfall chief! Kekek hate walrus-men. Also, walrus-men very ugly when smile. Kekek want to punch fat walrus-man chief in stupid face.

Kekek go back to Snowfall Village. Tell Mama Wolvars what happened to chief. They very sad. Baby Wolvar cry. Kekek cry too. Adult Wolvar come home later, they very mad. Want to go kill all walrus-men! But Wolvar Shaman say no, walrus-men might have more elves guarding them. Snowfall Tribe go to sleep very sad tonight.

Kekek can't sleep tonight, Book. Chest hurt, like big mean bug eating Kekek from inside. Could be heartburn, but Kekek think it something else. Kekek not like this feeling.

* * * * *

Snowfall Tribe still sad about Loguhn. Many sitting about, droopy, not want to hunt, play, even kill walrus-men. Baby Wolvar still hungry, still sad, but Wolvar hunters not go out to hunt today. Sit in huts sharpening spears. Kekek think spears be any sharper they not exist. Kekek worried, poor Snowfall Tribe.

Kekek stay busy so not get sad about Loguhn more. Kekek spend long time digging Grr and Rarr out from big snow, drag back to Loguhn body. Loguhn so strong, wore both big claws at same time, but Kekek cannot even lift them yet. Kekek ask Wolvar Shaman what Snowfall do with dead Wolvar, but Shaman busy being sad to help Kekek. So Kekek handle this himself.

Kekek think back to days in Dal-Ran. Not many dead people there. But Kekek did see one old woman fall out of very high window and splat on ground. She made funny noise and Kekek laugh, but orphanage lady smack Kekek on head so he stop. Lady took orphans to fun-eral to watch. Kekek wonder why it called fun-eral? Was no fun at all. Kekek surprised! Dead woman very clean and in nice clothes. No blood. Someone sang a nice song. Didn't understand words but it made Kekek feel very warm.

Kekek find some old rags, clean blood off Grr and Rarr, try to clean blood off Loguhn. Very much though. Kekek run out of rag, but have brainstorm! Use snow to clean body. This take forever. Kekek has small hands and Loguhn so big. But by evening Loguhn mostly clean. Kekek find some nice flowers, put in Loguhn's hands.

Now other Wolvar come out of huts, gather around Loguhn, look at Kekek. Kekek not sure what to do. Not good at song or big speech. So Kekek tell Snowfall, Loguhn very strong Wolvar. Strongest Kekek has ever met. Want to be like Loguhn when grow up. Kekek very sad Loguhn gone. Hope Loguhn live happy life in Wolvar heaven with much food and nice Mama Wolvar to love him and many Wolvar babies.

After, Wolvar Shaman come find Kekek. Thanks Kekek for what Kekek did for Loguhn. Also, gives Kekek Grr and Rarr. Tells Kekek that Loguhn would have wanted Kekek to have them and become great Wolvar chief. Kekek gives Shaman big hug.

* * * * *

Walrus-men are worst people ever, Book. Not only do coward walrus-men hire stinky elves to murder Snowfall Chief, now even worse. Walrus-men now paying travelers to sneak into Snowfall village AND STEAL WOLVAR BABIES!!

Started few days after Loguhn fun-eral. Kekek having afternoon nap when woken up by sound of Wolvar babies screaming! Kekek run out of hut, trip over dead Mama Wolvar!! Mama stabbed and babies missing. Kekek see far away man-size person running away from village, big bag over shoulder, headed toward walrus-men village! And Wolvar babies crying from inside bag!

Kekek smack stick on other huts, wake up other Wolvar, tell them what happened. Show them poor Mama Wolvar. Most adult Wolvar out hunting, but all still here very angry, grab spears and clubs! Kekek run back to hut, try to put on Grr but still too heavy. Grab knife instead. Walrus-men will pay!

Snowfall Wolvar run after baby thief! But do not make it to walrus-man village. Sneaky walrus-men waiting for Wolvar over snowy hill, attack Wolvar! Wolvar fight back, very angry at mean walrus-men, but more come from village. Soon many more fat walrus-men than Wolvar. Snowfall Tribe have to run away. Walrus-men laugh. Kekek hates walrus-men.

Now Snowfall Tribe in bad spot. If adults go hunting walrus-men come steal more babies!! But if Wolvar stay home, tribe run out of food, get hungry and weak. Kekek not sure what to do, Book.

* * * * *

Been long time, Book. Kekek back at Dal-Ran orphanage. Snowfall Shaman take Kekek aside one day and tell Kekek to leave. Since Kekek not Snowfall Tribe, no reason to stay and hurt at hands of walrus-men. Kekek not want to go but Shaman insist. Tells Kekek that Kekek need to grow up to become powerful Wolvar Chief. Then when Kekek is strong, can come back and teach walrus-men lesson.

So Kekek leave. Use magic heart rock to poof! fly back to orphanage. Other orphans happy to see Kekek back (except stupid Roo, that no surprise.) Lady ask if Kekek had good visit with cousins. Kekek tell her it was okay. She nice lady. Kekek not want to make her sad. Kekek sad enough already.

Kekek put Grr and Rarr in secret cubby Kekek dug in wall. Not strong enough to use yet but some day Kekek come get them. Kekek never forget.

Stupid walrus-men! Stupid elves! You watch out.

Kekek get revenge one day.

You see.

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Pertinent Lore:

Kekek's Children's Week quests

Planning for the Future quest (the pup-napping one!)

Kekek's story was the first letter where I started to think outside the box a little. Though Kekek is a very minor, temporary NPC, he has a lot of lines that really give him a lot of personality and flavour. He's tough, he's pugnacious, and he's adorable. And he's got such a fun attitude! He treats you like he's the one doing YOU a favor, which I found hilarious.

A lot of people think the Wolvar are jerks, but I never found them that way. I always thought they were really tough on the outside, but weren't really evil. They're like schoolyard bullies, not actual bad guys.

One of the things Kekek asks you to do is take him to visit his cousins in Snowfall Village. He gets into a snowball fight with another Wolvar pup, and has a good time, mentioning how he'd like to come back and visit someday. So this was a perfect opportunity!

On the other hand, we have the Tuskarr. They're pretty much universally loved by players, but I have always been HORRIFIED at the quest Planning for the Future, where they ask players to pup-nap baby Wolvar! It's really quite awful, and I've never looked at the walrus-men the same way since. They claim it's to preserve the Wolvar race...but still. That's pretty heavy-handed.

When I put these elements all together, it made for a nice, sad little story for Kekek. He'd have a great time visiting his cousins, really admiring their love and devotion to each other, but then everything would go horribly wrong when the Tuskarr started to impose their will upon the Snowfall Wolvar.

Writing as Kekek - as a child, with a limited vocabulary - was an interesting challenge. I had a good time trying to think of things that he would do and notice. His tale ended up being fairly emotional. I tried to have Kekek describe the sad feelings he and the Snowfall Tribe were feeling, but in a way a child would, not really understanding the significance.

The final line refers to one of Kekek's gossip quotes: "Orcs always point and laugh at Kekek, but he get revenge one day."

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    Awesome story. I always felt so sad for those Wolvars, having their babies stolen... and poor Kekek who had to see it all at such a young age :(

    November 2, 2010 at 7:40 PM

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    I keep wondering what they did with the kidnapped wolvar pups. Creepy pup-nappers.

    November 2, 2010 at 10:03 PM