The tradition (ie curse) continues!

Pop quiz. What do these three weapons all have in common?

If you said they're all very nice hunter weapons, you'd be right.

However, in this particular case the correct answer is...they're all very nice hunter weapons THAT MY RESTO/BALANCE DRUID HAS GOTTEN BEFORE MY HUNTER!!

I farmed ToC for weeks as Rades, running it every day religiously. Couldn't even get Marrowstrike to drop, let alone win it. Then when it finally did drop, I lost it to a feral druid. >:[ Mardak, on the other hand, picked it up on like his second trip, and didn't even compete for it - no one else wanted it. At least a month later I finally got it, replacing the Runeblade of Demonstrable Power.

Halls of Reflection, same deal, except it was much, much more painful to farm it since this is when it was new and people still struggled with it (and before people know about the ledge glitch.) Every day Rades tried and failed to obtain it, enduring dozens of painful wipes. Meanwhile, Mardak grabbed it casually in a random heroic, lying discarded on the ground since - once again - no one wanted it. Rades did get it eventually, but not until I was already doing Marrowgar pug runs.

And now we come to yesterday. Simple ICC pug with Mardak, downed first wing and Festergut/Rotface without any issues. And the Shaft of Glacial Ice dropped. Unlike heroics, I almost never look at raid drops to see what upgrades are available, other than trinkets and ranged weapons for Rades. I just find it too frustrating to be specifically hoping for a certain drop and not get it...I like the "OOOOOH that's nice!!" surprise factor.

So I saw it, took a look, and was quite impressed and happy for our hunter. Then I realized we didn't have a hunter.

Surely our feral druid tank would snatch it up then? Nope, turns out she already had it.

Looking at the warlocks, warriors and rogues making up the rest of the raid, it slowly dawned on me that Mardak would probably walk away with it, despite being Resto/Balance. I instantly remembered Marrowstrike and the Orca-Hunter's Harpoon and was filled with dread.

Sure enough, it went to me, thus sealing Rades' fate to pretty much never get it EVER.

/shakes fist at druid

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    OMG! I feel your pain!

    When TOC was end-game I farmed Marrowstrike EVERYDAY on my hunter. I saw it drop once and much like you, lost to a feral/tank druid, who I later saw never used it.

    After that, I started putting specific group combos together and only allowing people who didn't need it, could use it or those who already have it. No bear tanks EVER.

    Shortly after that, I still haven't seen it since, the LFD tool was out and it was impossible to form specific groups for things like that.

    I mean srsly.

    June 4, 2010 at 2:27 PM

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    Haha, I admit that I too may sometimes have...neglected to invite people for those ToC/HoR runs that would have needed the weapons. Sadly I don't have that luxury when it comes to ICC and I anticipate losing the roll to my fellow hunter when Rotface does eventually drop the staff months down the line.

    June 4, 2010 at 4:00 PM