Razuvious, I still hate you

Our weekly raid for this upcoming week is Instructor Razuvious, the good old mind control chap in Naxx, so late last night we decided to rustle a group together to down him before the weekly reset. We were two tanks, two healers, and a dps, so needless to say we had no problem filling out the group. We headed to Naxx and summoned up, and that's where the trouble started.

"Oh have raids reset yet?" a paladin asked.

Not yet, we all said, they reset in 7 hours.

"Oh damn I am saved then. :("

Ahh, right. Patchwerk was last week's raid, and he was saved to Naxx still. No biggie, we thought, we'll just make him raid leader and use his raid ID.

Sounds easy! RIGHT? WRONG. What a gongshow this became. We promoted him to raid leader, but when we went inside didn't get the "You have entered an instance already in progress" message. So we double checked - "Are you sure you're saved?" "I should be." "Was it 25-man?" "I'm not sure. How do I check?" etc. etc.

This went on for 5 minutes or so. Adding to the confusion was the fact that one of the other pug people had already entered Naxx and was waiting around inside, seemingly AFK, so we couldn't "start fresh" and switch to the paladin's ID.

"Let's just switch it to 25-man!"
"Hey Tranq can you come outside?"
"But we have no priests!"
"What do we need priests for?"
"My alt is a priest!"
"It's Razuvious!"
"I'm saved to 25-man!"
"You're saved to 25-man Naxx??"

Finally we got it figured out (we thought), only to learn that ANOTHER person was saved. We ended up with the first person in his own raid ID, the second saved person in HER own ID, and the other 8 of us in a new fresh ID. So we said screw it, apologized to the two saved people, and just headed in.

I'm always a little wary of Razuvious because of the clunky, non-vehicular add control (I can't believe I *want* a vehicle mode). Sure enough, things went horribly wrong. One of our tanks, an experienced ToC/TotGC/ICC tank, had never done the mind controlling before, so we explained how to manage the add over Vent.

We failed utterly. He taunted seemingly randomly, used his bone shield just blissfully whenever it was up, lost control of his add and didn't realize it for a few seconds, and in general gave myself and the other healer migraines. He's usually quite quick to grasp new things so maybe it was just an off-night.

We had gotten everything under control and the other tank had just grabbed Razuvious, so we told the first tank to release control and start it again so it wouldn't break unexpectedly.

I'm not sure if he panicked or tired or what, but instead of releasing control...HE LEFT THE RAID!

Me, in Vent: ...did he...wait did that just say...omg...OMG. HAHAHA WTF! THE ADD! WHO'S TANKING?? OH GOD WHAT IS HAPPENING, AHHHHHH!!

What then ensued was a hilarious game of WHO'S CONTROLLING THE ADD, as I frantically tried to use the orb, except he was still using it, but then he stopped channeling because he was going to be warped out in a minute, but I was too busy frantically healing the other mob now, and then he started using it again because now the extremely-annoyed mob was headed his way...yeah. Oh, and he had been raid leader too, which got booted to me, so I was furiously trying to reinvite him to the raid again, only to discover that apparently you can't while in combat. Our horrified laughter drowning out any comprehensible coordination on Vent didn't help either.


In the end, we downed Raz, I took over control of the other add just as the poor tank got warped out, and we finished up...but ugh, what a nightmare. Worst part is, the tank still got saved to the raid for killing Raz, even though he didn't get quest credit for killing him. I'm not exactly sure how that works. Thankfully this was all before raid reset so he can still do it again and get the quest done this week.

In closing...I hate you Razuvious.

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    Disciplinary Action

    It is soooo much nicer to read about this and laugh than experience it and weep! :)

    June 1, 2010 at 11:17 AM

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    If it helps you feel any better, we also had Raz and we also failed at him just last week.

    I was a little aghast. I mean, we'd ALL done the fight. Our tanks had tanked it. Our healers had healed it. We wiped anyway. That was bad enough.

    Then we took our ALTS in. Most of whom are very decently geared. Good enough for Naxx by several long shots. And you know what?

    We wiped again. For the same reasons.


    June 1, 2010 at 11:22 AM

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    I remember that, lol. For some reason I can't imagine you being extremely frustrated.

    August 24, 2010 at 5:59 PM