Rades the...Dwarf Death Knight?

First things first, Monday Haiku as inspired by Zelmaru:

Fei Fei, I hate you.
Stop wandering all over!
Die in a fire.

Been feeling very lethargic on my mains lately. Haven't bothered running daily heroic as Rades in a week - the DPS queue times have just been killing any motivation. Plus now that I've got my 4pc t10, I feel quite apathetic towards getting more badges. Hrm.

Tried to stir up some energy for heroics on Friday on Mardak, got into Heroic Halls of Reflection and the tank instantly dropped. 10 minute wait, then we got a tank, who announced he was falling asleep. AND DID FALL ASLEEP AS THE 2ND BOSS AWOKE, leading me to be one-shot and a wipe. Tank dropped group as we ghosted back, then a DPS started the entire event without waiting for a new tank. RAGE! I managed to leave the party before being killed, but I was extremely annoyed with the whole run, and it completely soured endgame WoW for me for the entire weekend.

I say endgame WoW, because I've been quietly leveling a dwarf DK on Vidyala's server to hang out and experience some Alliance questlines. So far it's been interesting comparing the quest parallels and differences, and it's been fun plowing through Outlands. DK's really are overpowered at this level. I've been leveling in a hybrid Blood DPS/Tank spec so I can opt for either a leisurely dungeon queue or an instant one, depending on role. I've also on occasion done nearly as much DPS as some 80s I've ran with in heroics, and this is mostly in DK starting gear...so yeah. That's depressing to think about, honestly.

I expected to have quite a tough time starting on a new server with no resources to draw on, but surprisingly it's been very easy to build up some cash (with some early bag help from Vid!) Inscription FTW...nothing like buying stacks of Northrend herbs for 2.5g and milling/ink-trading that into 120 gold worth of glyphs, and 5 skill-up points. Not to mention that I've got the shoulder enchants now, before even reaching Northrend. Nothing like doing Slave Pens while sporting endgame enchants. ;)

I had also forgotten how absurd the sockets are in BC items. I'm currently sporting some MP5 mail shoulders and a +Intellect plate chestpiece because of the insane available sockets. Throw some Bold Bloodstones in there and suddenly you have Epic-level gear. I even have a duplicate chestpiece filled with Solid Chalcedonies for tanking (I had some good Ramparts luck).

So Rades the dwarven DK is now level 66, only a few levels away from Northrend. I'm curious if I'll lose motivation upon running Northrend instances I've ran countless times, as compared to the Outlands ones that I never really did as my Horde characters. I'm also curious to see if I'll be able to get rid of my damn DK starting helm - I'm entirely sick of it by now.