No Noblegarden, and a /facepalm regular UK

So I guess Noblegarden starts tomorrow? This will mark the first time I may not participate in a seasonal event, since I got the Violet Proto-Drake a month or so ago. It's a weird feeling - in a way I feel like this giant weight has been lifted from my shoulders, but it also feels hollow somehow, like I'm now on the outside looking in and not allowed into a private party. I'm just overthinking it, but it was with a bit of sadness that I saw Noblegarden on the calendar and didn't feel the drive and motivation that's always been there previously.

Here's a picture from last year's Noblegarden (Rades looks very unimpressed.) At that time, Rades had been 80 for exactly one week, had never stepped foot into any Northrend dungeon, was in a guild of about 4-5 real-life friends, and didn't know what Recount or DPS was. Mardak was 72, and my DK was 75. (The DK is still only 79. She's very neglected.)

Today was a great raiding day, was invited to an ICC25 pug by someone I'd ran with before, and it went awesome! We cleared to Festergut where we eventually faltered, a reasonable place to stop. As the only druid, I picked up two great resto pieces (chest & hands), which answers the internal dilemma I've had about what to buy with Mardak's frost emblems - no 4pc resto t10 for me! (Hate the set bonus anyways.)

After that, an interesting incident occurred in Utgarde Keep. REGULAR Utgarde Keep.

A letter to the three level 70s that kicked my guildie tank from regular Utgarde Keep, after she asked me to come heal for them in desperation after a long wait:


We just downed Keleseth with absolutely no issues, no deaths, not even aggro worries, and yet immediately after looting you kick the tank? And since it requires three yes votes, and I sure as hell didn't vote yes, ALL THREE of you silly DPS voted to boot her??

Maybe you didn't think this through very clearly, since apparently you had been waiting 10+ minutes for a healer to queue. First of all, if you kick a guildmate of mine, I'm leaving too. I don't care what instance, how close we are to finishing, what loot might drop - I'm gone. Also, way to show appreciation to the person who went out of her way to find a healer, even asking sheepishly in /gchat if someone could come help out her group. Jackasses.

Secondly, why would you kick her? Did you think we wouldn't be able to clear it? It's regular UK, it's not exactly hard. Also, considering that five minutes before joining your fail group I was healing 24 other people through Icecrown Citadel, I'm pretty sure I could keep you all alive.

Finally, you literally just removed the one reason I had for being there. I only came to help out my guildmate, who you kicked with no warning or explanation. Are you that stupid? Did you really think I was going to stick around after? Why the hell would I...for the company?!

Mardak says: You're joking right.
Mardak says: Congrats, now you have no tank, and no heals.
Mardak says: Enjoy your wait.

You leave the group.