Hunter (wishful) predictions

Today is Blizzard's Hunter Cataclysm class change announcements! Needless to say, I'm going to be a little distracted at work today as I constantly monitor Twitter for someone to break the news. Oh yeah, and there's druid changes coming, but honestly I can't bring myself to even care. HUNTER NEWS OMG.

(EDIT: The changes are out! LINK HERE.)

Here's some changes I'd love to see. Some are a little less likely than others...but who knows??

More Stable Slots

I need more stable slots. I NEED them. Currently I have a Wolf & Wasp for raiding, a bear for soloing/tanking, a Chimaera for PVP, and Loque'nahak because I can never abandon him...not after the effort it took to tame him. Blizzard has mentioned a few times that they'd like to expand the stable, so I think we have a very good chance of this happening, even if it doesn't make it into the class change notes.
Odds of happening 1:1

More Customizable Pets
Blizzard did a really good job of making the pet talent trees more interesting, and we've come a far way since 95% of hunters were running around with some sort of cat.'s not good enough. Instead, every hunter raiding has a wolf. There shouldn't be one pet that is literally the best single choice for a hunter, regardless of spec. This could be as simple as letting any pet use any of the three pet trees. It would be nice to use a Moth or a Sporebat without completely murdering your DPS.
Odds of happening 2:1

Net Shot

Pugging Pally: "There's nothing wrong with shooting for the moon, except when you think you should be able to net it, too."
Anyone who's seen the Booty Bay Bruisers in action knows they have a cool little net move that snares their target to the ground for a short time. This would be a nice shot to add to our arsenal. It would be terrific in PVP, but even in PVE it would have its uses, allowing a direct-target immobilize effect (freezing arrow is a pain in the ass to use when a target is running rampant through your raid). In return for being direct-target, it wouldn't actually neutralize them, just snare them, and it could be a shorter duration than freeze trap. The mechanics are already in the game - give us nets!!
Odds of happening 5:1

Grapple Shot

Speaking of mechanics that are already in the game, how about a grappling-hook shot? It would be a quick shot that you could fire into the floor or up to a ledge, which would retract and yank you to where you targeted. Half disengage, half warlock portal, all-around convenient! Sound ridiculous? Not that crazy. It would function exactly like the rocket packs on the Gunship battle, though a bit faster. Plus as we've seen recently with priests getting Leap of Faith, and warriors getting Heroic Leap, Blizzard seems to be on a "fly through the air" kick right now.
Odds of happening 10:1

Pets as Mounts

From a flavour and coolness perspective, this would probably become the #1 reason to roll a hunter. Being able to have a custom pet that fits your personality and character is already a unique highlight of being a hunter. Being able to also use that pet as a mount - let alone a mount that no non-hunter would ever be able to have - would be mind-blowing. Even though it wouldn't provide any actual statistical benefit, every other class would be screaming in jealousy. And that's why it won't happen. :(
Odds of happening 25:1

Dual-Wielding Guns

It would be the coolest thing ever. Yes, it would re-invent the class...but so is replacing mana with focus. We want to dual wield guns and unleash a hail of gunfire! Guns AND crossbows. Hell, even bows. How would it work? It's not physically possible? WE PLAY IN A WORLD OF MAGICAL FLOATING CITIES AND ANCIENT GODS OF REALITY-DISTORTING MAGIC. Who cares how things work! (Besides, Goblins could make it happen.)
Odds of happening 50:1

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    I would sacrifice a thousand Mages via Misdirect to be able to dual wield guns or the physically impossible bows.

    April 11, 2010 at 6:12 PM