Did you think we had forgotten?

(A series of texts exchanged with my WoW friend - my pocket healer - and myself a week or two ago, when I was fighting a really annoying cold.)


Him: how's the plague?
Me: plaguey
Him: ewwww
Me: brb going to watch that now

I watch this video often, when I have a few minutes to spare or if I'm waiting for a dungeon queue. Putress' appearance and dialogue is SO BADASS. It didn't hurt that when he first appeared in Shattrath, Pocket Healer and I immediately fell in love with him and how cool he looked, how...ominous his phrases were, and how we just KNEW he was going to be important.

Sure enough, when it came time...Putress stole the show. I wish I could find out what else his voice actor has done, because his line delivery sends chills down my spine every time I hear them. The bitter resentment and pure, raw hatred towards the Lich King is...poetic. It's even better when you realize that the entire Forsaken history in WoW has been slowly, inexorably building towards this single moment. And it's AWESOME.

Ironically, I actually missed the Wrathgate storyline and cutscene on both Rades and Mardak for weeks, maybe even months. Apparently I didn't spend much time in Dragonblight. (I think I hated the Scarlet Onslaught quests.) It wasn't until I was puttering around on my death knight randomly questing that I stumbled upon it. Somehow, despite regularly reading many WoW blogs and WoW Insider, I had zero knowledge about the Wrathgate. In retrospect I'm very grateful I went into it blind - spoilers would have completely ruined what has become one of my favorite WoW moments.

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    I'll never forget the first time doing that quest chain, and I make sure to go and do it on each of my subsequent characters. The first time the cut scene came up I was all: :O :O :O

    It was definitely awesome. I got spine tingles too! Thanks for the reminder of an awesome WoW moment. And the PvP water. :D I used it today! SO FABULOUS.

    March 24, 2010 at 6:02 PM