First piece of t10!

It was with great excitement yesterday that Rades became the new owner of the Ahn'Kahar Blood Hunter's Headpiece (what a stupid name), the first piece of t10 I have on either of my mains. At the high, high price of 95(!) Emblems of Frost, it took a lot of saving up but after knocking out the weekly raid yesterday (Razuvious) I finally had enough.

Of course, since it's Hunter gear this became an hour long examination of the various t9, t10 Triumph and Frost emblem gear possibilities and what I hoped to attain in the future. Right now my goal is to get the extremely nice 2-pc t10 set bonus, and fill the rest with Triumph or Frost emblem level gear (the 2-pc t9 set bonus is garbage for BM). The t10 set bonus is nice, but it seems only 50% beneficial to non-MM hunters, so I think I would rather use the Frost emblems on non-set gear like the drool-worthy Band of the Night Raven.

Even after the new helm, Mardak is still better geared than Rades...but Rades will always be my "true" main. I realized this again yesterday as I was running through all the gearing & stat options in my head - with Rades it's always a careful analysis of "if X then Y but what if Z..." where as with Mardak it tends to be "Does it give me more Haste & Spellpower? Yes? Done." Part of this is because with Rades I know I have to squeeze every bit of DPS out of the "lesser" BM spec as possible to be competitive...but it's also simply that I care more on Rades.

The helmet itself is...interesting. I'm not a huge fan of the weird rhino-horn style, but I know players that absolutely love it. It's...different, that's for sure. I wish it was more metal or mail looking though - it looks like Rades has a freaking wood saddle strapped to his noggin.

The glowing eyes are kinda neat though, they look pretty cool.