About me


Rades - 80 Orc Hunter, Beast Mastery from day 1 and will never ever change, no matter what they do to the tree. Dual specced BM, actually, one for heroics and one for soloing/leveling up new pets. Spent weeks searching for Loque'nahak and grinding Consortium rep to level Engineering. Likes cooking, fishing, bandaging...you name it. Meticulously researched and tinkered with talents and builds during the course of 1-80. Takes great joy at outperforming other hunters who sneer at BM, such as outdpsing them on ToC25 Anub'arak while also handling frost spheres.

Mardak - 80 Tauren Druid, Restoration.  Came out of nowhere and is actually better geared than my hunter, despite having played Rades for about 10 times longer. A month ago he was stagnating in Howling Fjord in a motley assortment of greens. Now, he may have quietly stolen the title of "main" away from my hunter, which makes me a little sad inside. Was leveled in extremely sloppy fashion, with a half-assed hybrid Balance/Resto spec so I could level solo, or party with/heal my Recruit-a-Friend partner, a ridiculously reckless and careless orc warrior. Spoiled rotten - was the recipient of many bestowed levels from Recruit-a-Friend, and as a result has an absurdly low amount of quests completed in Azeroth. Leveled cooking in a day during Pilgrim's Week (aka Cooking easy mode). Also received a full set of shiny new Heirloom gear and recently, BoA shoulder enchants from the Sons of Hodir (both of which came from my hunter, who worked like a dog for weeks/months to earn.)

Originally played on Dentarg (PVP server) but loathed the ganking. Was glad to eventually move to a PVE server (Drenden). In retrospect, I now appreciate the PVP survival instincts I learned from leveling PVP, and what it taught me about my class out of necessity (Hello Mr. Paladin, why yes I'd be happy to kite you down the entire coast of Stranglethorn while you chase me waving your obscenely large hammer futilely.)

Mostly soloed while leveling, or with a handful of RL friends. Learned 99% of how to be a Hunter from BRK.  Learned how to heal as a druid at 80 with patient guildies as I experimented with my various healing spells.

Now in a casual guild that runs Heroics but not raids. I occasionally do pug raids or raids with friends who need a few extra people.

Never ran instances at the appropriate level until level 80.  Didn't want the stress of potentially wiping the group and dealing with jerks and loot ninjas. 

Addicted to the seasonal events, not for the titles or the eventual drake at the end, but just for the fun of them and the achievements.

Deeply interested in the lore, background and history of Warcraft, and often bore guildmates / friends by telling them random facts like why High Inquisitor Fairbanks is hidden in a closet.